Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week of February 27

List in progress:

Leftover from last week: Jumbalaya, ribs, hawaiian chicken

Pad Thai
Sweet and sour chicken with mango lettuce wraps
Tamale pie (LLL P. 65)

Chicken stock (it's about time. Will save lots of money)

Braised bok choy

Purim: 1. Noodle kugel
2. Chicken soup from chicken stock
3. Hamentashen

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week of February 20

It's another big meal list (8 meals, 5 of them need to be crockpot meals and one needs to be super easy). Busy times.

Ribs (crockpot)
Jumbalaya (crockpot)
Salsa chicken and black bean soup (crockpot) with cilantro lime rice
Pho (crockpot)
Danish meatballs (oven)
Hawaiian chicken
Roasted winter root vegetables (crockpot) with garlic bread
Falafel (crockpot)

Shaun lunches:
Sweet pork barbacoa salad

Olive oil cakes with lemon and thyme

Hamentashen (purim)
Brownie bites (dairy free, ECFE)
Human puppy chow