Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade falafel and pita bread

I originally did not to post these recipes because I did not alter them to make them my own. They were easy, solid, nutritious, cheap recipes but definitely Budget Bytes's recipe. However, I decided to share them because they truly are wonderful to have in the recipe repertoire. 
Here a recipe for homemade falafel. Here is a recipe for homemade pita. Aside from the tomato and cucumber, the rest of the ingredients were in my pantry. It was truly a cheap meal.

I baked navy and garbanzo beans in the crockpot overnight on low for 8 hours. Look at the steam!

Edited to add: I used dried beans and cooked them first. You can certainly use canned beans, but I like the lower price and lower salt content of dried beans.

 I did not have oil to fry or cumin. I baked the falafel balls on a cookie sheet, omitting the cumin. They were OK. I think next time I will shape smaller patties and definitely make sure I have all the ingredients.

The pita was a cinch to make. I rose the dough in the morning and then stored it in the fridge until supper time. I did not even try to cut the pita in half.I just folded it over tomato and cucumber. Drizzling the pita with tahini sauce was just perfect!

See the camera cord?

This is definitely on my list of cheap and nutritious eats.


  1. shana, you cooked the beans first? the recipe said just throw it all the food processor...did it come out better by cooking the beans first?

    -sarah m

  2. Sarah,

    Oops! I will edit the post to make things more clear. I buy dried beans. They're cheaper and lower sodium than canned beans and they store well. The only disadvantage is that I have to plan ahead because they do take hours to soften. But, cooking them overnight in the crockpot works really well.

    I don't know if I notice a difference anymore, especially because I am used to the lower salt content.

    Thanks for the comment!